Waves I


Waves I
I spent a few days in Oceanside, California and this became the inspiration for this set of three paintings. I walked along the pier and enjoyed the waves from above, as surfers enjoyed riding the waves. This series can be displayed as a triptych, as a diptych, or as a single painting. Choose your favorite 1,2 or 3 paintings.

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The Coastal Vibes Series

Coastal Vibes Series -The coastal vibes series was inevitable since I love the ocean. I could sit for hours breathing in the ocean air, listening to the sounds of waves crashing, and viewing the changing colors of the water. I find my time spent near water to be rejuvenating and very healing to my spirit and soul.

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Each series begins with a primed canvas and marks made using a paintbrush and black gesso. I prefer the look and feel of working on a 1.5 inch thick, 20×20 inch canvas.

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Shipping and Turn-around

Due to supply chain issues, our current turn-around times are as follows:

  • Original Paintings:  1 to 2 weeks
  • Prints, Gallery Wraps, Framed Prints:  3 to 4 weeks
  • 42″ Limited Prints:  5 to 6 weeks